Samsung Evaluating Ways To Update Galaxy Tab And Galaxy S After Customer Complaints

Samsung’s decision to leave the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S out of the Ice Cream Sandwich update pool alienated a large number of Samsung customers — and they were not happy. Not only were they upset over Samsung’s unwillingness to update their device, but they were also unhappy with Samsung’s excuse. According to Samsung, they were not going to be updating the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S due to their limited memory (which TouchWiz needs). With the Galaxy S and the Nexus S having similar specs, and the Nexus S set to receive Android 4.0, it appeared the only thing keeping the Galaxy S from getting ICS was Touchwiz. While the majority of Galxy S users are all for being updated to the latest version of Android at the expense of TouchWiz, Samsung was not. That was until today.

Thanks to the number of complaints by Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S owners, Samsung is now reconsidering its stance on the whole “no ICS for you” statement. It has been reported that Samsung will now look into ways of “making it work” despite their previous statements. I feel pretty confident that they will find a way to make it happen, and if they don’t — there’s always the modding community ready and willing to sacrifice TouchWiz in the name of progress.