Logitech Revue Suffers Another Blow: Small Percentage Manufactured With Corrupted Firmware

Just when Logitech thought it was free and clear of any further Revue setbacks, a minor headache has them reaching for the aspirin — again. Apparently a small percentage of recently manufactured Logitech Revues where shipped with corrupted firmware as a number of customers are unable to contact Logitech’s EULA server for authentication. Customers were led to believe the issue was due to overloaded servers and consequently led them to voice their frustration on Logitech’s Revue forums. After a little digging by Logitech Senior Product Manager Peter McColgan, he has responded to complaints by informing customers that the issue is due to corrupted firmware on some of the recently manufactured Revues:

There appears to be corrupted firmware on some of the recently manufactured Revues which is causing the Authentication error. There is nothing that you can do to fix this and nothing we can do except to replace your Revue via the RMA process. You always have the option of returning to the retailer and exchanging for another Revue or getting a refund. We believe that only a relatively small % of recently manufactured Revues are affected.

They also appear to be trying to narrow down the issues in order to find out which batch is affected based on MAC address and serial number. They have concluded that the most likely boxes to have the firmware issues are from the 1144GB batch with MAC IDs 1C6F657xxxxx. If you recently purchased a Logitech Revue and have yet to get past step 7 of the setup process — it’s not your fault. You’re just the victim of corrupted firmware with no fix (according to Logitech). If you read through the forums you’ll also see a few people who claim to have waited patiently, or performed resets, ultimately getting it to work — which of course just adds to the confusion.

If you find yourself affected, I recommend simply returning your Revue for a new one. I’d much rather take my chances with a new unit than wait or hope for a “fix.” Either way, Logitech is aware and will hopefully address the issue a little more vigorously over the next couple days. This was certainly the last thing Logitech or the Revue needed considering its rebound after lowering the price and getting the Honeycomb update.

If you’d like to join in on the forum talks and stay updated on the progress, hit the links below.

via The Verge