Doxie Go Portable Scanner Revamped with New Features and Hardware, Comes to Android

Apparent’s battery-powered Doxie Go portable scanner has been around since last year, though its optional scan-direct-to-mobile-device capabilities have only been available on iOS devices. But the scanner has just had a major firmware update, making it compatible with Android — along with some new functionality and hardware that’ll make Apple-ites happy also.

The basic functions of the scanner allow it to scan documents and save the scans onto an SD card (or straight to your computer). But with the wifi version ($229), scans could be sent directly to an iPad or iPhone; now it’ll also send scans to Android devices. Of course, it can also send documents to cloud services like Evernote and Dropbox. If you have a Doxie Go without wifi, there’s an optional $30 card that’ll give it wifi capability.

The Doxie Go also has new optional accessories to play with: An international power adapter and a microfiber case (above). No word on pricing yet.

Here’s a list of the other new upgrades, straight from the press release:

Basecamp project management.
Manage projects and share tasks with Basecamp from 37signals. The new Doxie Go uploads business docs directly to any Basecamp project for sharing and commenting.

Sign documents, deliver faxes.
Provide digital signatures and send faxes with the newly integrated HelloFax. Just select your documents, create a signature box, and send automatically via fax or e-mail.

Enhanced Dropbox + mobile integration.
Use Doxie and Dropbox together to share your documents – now Doxie lets you save searchable PDFs to any folder in Dropbox in one step. And on iPhone + iPad, select scans to save to any Dropbox folder for access from any device.

Scan longer, scan legal.
Doxie now scans paper up to 15” (38 cm) in length, handling U.S. legal documents and long receipts, plus standard sizes like business cards, photos, and U.S. Letter/A4 sheets.