Developer Chris Wade Turns The MOTOACTV Into A 1.6″ Honeycomb Tablet

The man who made hundreds of Blackberry users search the term DingleBerry (a Blackberry Playbook Hack), spent his holiday rooting his tiny Christmas gift — the Motorola ACTV. While the rest of you were trying to figure out how to work your new Android 7.7″-10.1″ tablets, developer Chris Wade was busy playing Angry Birds on his brand new 1.6″ Motorola ACTV that he hacked Honeycomb onto.

This is just one of the many reasons I love Android so much. Here we had an underpowered Android UI slapped onto a wrist watch, and a clever developer has gone ahead and turned it into a working tablet UI capable of monitoring your heartrate as you dance to a youtube video. While many tasks will of course be less than optimal on a 1.6″ screen, it’s still cool.

The Motoroloa ACTV’s specs really aren’t that bad considered it’s all packed into a tiny wrist watch frame:

  • – CPU: omap3 (3630) – 600Mhz
  • – Ram: 256MB
  • – Nand: 8GB
  • – Wifi: 802.11n
  • – BlueTooth: Yes
  • – Fm Radio: Yes
  • – GPS: Yes
  • – LCD: 1.6″ QCIF+

Chris Wade was kind enough to make a video showing off his new Honeycomb micro-tablet and then providing us with instructions on how to make our very own. Below is the video, but if you’d like more information on how to root your Motorola ACTV, you’ll have to follow the source link below. Kudos to Chris and thanks for sharing this with the community. So — how did you spend your holiday?

via Android Central