Snakebyte To Release New Bluetooth Controller For Android And iOS – Game On!

If you’re a mobile gamer, then you already know the pangs of those on-screen controls. That’s why any serious gamer heads straight for some form of bluetooth controller to get his/her game on. Snakebyte (Sunflex), a company that makes gaming-related peripherals, has announced their plans to sell a new bluetooth gaming controller for Android and iOS. The idroid:con looks to differentiate itself from other bluetooth conrtollers by being the first to have five different functions and come with no app obligation.

The idroid:con will feature options for mouse, keyboard, and keyboard/mouse on Android while offering support for any iOS game that already works with the iCADE peripheral.

“We are thrilled to present the incredible snakebyte idroid:con to all Android and iOS gamers,” said Mike Steup, Managing Director of Sunflex Europe. “This controller reflects our already existing innovations in the gaming sector in the mobile and Android™/iOS™ market. The controller fulfills any gamers’ demand for perfect handling, functionality as well as compatibility and it lets you play games on your Android and iOS platform the way they were meant to be played when they were first created.”

I find a wireless controller to be a necessity for anyone looking for a true and enjoyable gaming experience on a smartphone or tablet and with more and more console quality games hitting mobile devices, you’ll be happy you’ve got one.

The idroid:con is supposed to start selling sometime next month, however, I haven’t heard anything about price just yet. If you’re looking for a new bluetooth controller, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the idroid:con.