Move Over Lizard, There’s A New Ant Crusher In Town [Video]

Do you guys remember that bearded dragon we showed you? You know, the one playing ant smasher on his favorite Android device? Well it looks like he has some competition, and while his opponent shares an affinity for green and a hunger for ants, he’s not a reptile. That’s right, move over Larry* the Lizard, because Barry* the African bull frog is moving in, and he’s ready to eat anything (literally) that comes near his screen.

What we have next, is an Android device, an ant smasher game, an African bull frog, and one over zealous thumb — what could possibly go wrong? You’ll find out after the break.

* All names are purely fictional and made to enhance the personality of the story. Any resemblance to lizards named Larry or bull frogs named Barry, living or dead, is purely coincidental. No reptiles or amphibians were harmed in the filming of these videos (although a human did suffer a throbbing thumb).