New DROID 4 Renders Leaked, Still Looking Like A Slide Out RAZR

The DROID 4 has been flip-flopping around the web for the past month with its leaked release dates, images, and specs. We now know it’s not going to be released this month and has been pushed to a possible February release. Speculation has the DROID 4 delayed due to lackluster RAZR/Rezound sales and the recent Galaxy Nexus release. Whatever the case may be, it was foolish of them to even consider another DROID variant so soon after the release of the DROID 3 (released about 6 months ago). While the DROID 4 maintains the OG DROID slide-out form, this recent iterations appear to look more like a DROID RAZR thanks to its RAZR tweaked corners. If you haven’t had enough leaked images to fill your appetite for this upcoming device, consider this your lucky day.

A Droid-Life reader was able to pull some sexy renders from a DROID 4 SWF file, giving us a few more looks at the offspring of the device that gave Android its resurgence. Give the renders a look and prepare to be bombarded with leaked info about the DROID 4 for the next couple of months.