Apple And Samsung Headed To Court After Mediation Talks Go Nowhere

Tim Cook and Choi Gee-sung sat down for nine hours on Monday and seven hours yesterday in an attempt to come to some sort of solution to the litigation mess between Apple and Samsung. Many were hopeful after Tim Cook admitted he’s not a fan of litigation and prefers to “settle versus battle.” Things showed even more promise after Samsung mentioned the possibility of cross-licensing, but after two days and 16 hours, they still couldn’t come to any “clear agreement.”

I suppose it was bit naive to think they would come to some sort of agreement — especially after they’ve been taking shots at one another for over a year now. Apple continues to accuse Samsung of copying its design and Samsung continues to demand Apple pay royalties for using its wireless transmission technology. Looks like the two companies will be heading to court in July to finish this game of courtroom chess once and for all.

At this point, even I am curious to see how it ends. Either way, the lawyers are salivating at the mouth.