Android 4.0 Tip: How To Find And Disable Animations For A Snappier Experience

There’s a quick and easy way to make your Android device feel snappier without any major tinkering or root access. By simply disabling animations on your Android device you’ll see and feel an amazing boost in performance and screen transitions that will have you wondering why no one told you about this sooner. In earlier versions of Android, this option was found under the display settings, but in Android 4.0, it has been moved into the new “Developer options.”

Once in “Developer options,” scroll down to the “Window animation scale” and “Transition animation scale” options. Go into each of the animation settings and turn them off. Once turned off, transitioning between options, apps, pages, etc. will be almost instant, turning your phone into a speed demon.

What are you missing out on? Not much. The animations do nothing more than give you that fade-in effect when switching between tasks. If you want a better look at the animations, turn the settings to max (10x) and watch how slow the transition between tasks becomes.

Of course you’re welcome to set these animations to any scale you prefer, just remember: the lower the number the faster the transition.

Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go!