How To: Take A Screenshot With Your Galaxy Nexus

I’d like to start off the “How-tos” section by showing everyone how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Nexus. Taking screenshots is one of the most used feature for bloggers like myself, and comes in handy for anyone looking to show off their homescreen or post a pic of that uber high score they got. Believe it or not, up until now, taking screenshots on an Android device was quite the project and required either using the Android SDK or gaining root access and downloading an app. This was way too much trouble for such a simple feature, one that really should have been built into the OS. It seems Google took note of this and decided to finally include the ability to take screenshots into Android 4.0. Now that we have this capability, I’d like to show you how to use it with the first ever Android 4.0 device — the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

It’s a simple method requiring you to hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time for approximately 2 seconds. Look below for a brief video describing these steps and then try it out for yourself. You can also expect future devices running Ice Cream Sandwich to follow these same simple steps, so once you’ve figured it out, you should be covered on future devices. Cheers!