Motorola DROID RAZR Update Rolling Out Now

Remember that DROID RAZR update we told you about a couple of days ago? Well it’s finally rolling out to everyone so you’re going to want to check your phone. Update 6.11.748 is now ready and you can grab it by going into Settings>About phone>System updates. It’s a hefty update that fixes a lot of bugs so make sure you’ve got enough power to get through it. Here’s a quick refresher on a few improvements included in this update:

  • – SIM error notification has been fixed.
  • – Improved camera features and quality.
  • – Improved stability of menu access, browser, phone dialer, video playback and music player to prevent force-close errors and lockups.
  • – Updated group message notification in e-mail.
  • – Improvement in 3G/4G data connectivity.
  • – Maintain network connection upon completion of a voiec call.
  • – Background color has been adjusted to improve readability in Lapdock connection UI menu items.

For the full changelog be sure to check out the DROID RAZR update doc. For you rooted users out there: this update will break root, but can be easily re-rooted. Enjoy!