Share Of OS Smartphone Sales Continues To Be A Two Horse Race

Not many surprises here. According to the latest research from the NPD Group, Android and iOS continue to dominate the OS arms race. Combined, these two powerhouse operating systems account for 90% of smartphone sales. Report after report, we continue to see the same thing: Android an iOS on top.

I’m starting to wonder if we will ever see a third horse enter this race. Microsoft, with their Windows Phone 7 was supposed to be that horse but so far they’ve had trouble getting out of the stable. RIM continues to tank, and after seeing their BlackBerry 10 previews, I’d have to say it’s time to put the old steed to rest.

I honestly don’t see much changing in the mobile OS ecosystem anytime soon, that is unless Windows 8 can pull of some magic. Other than that, you can expect every report to sound like a broken record and all other mobile operating systems to continue fighting over Android and Apple’s scraps.