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Smartphone cameras have improved tremendously in the last few years but a camera is only as good as the photography skills of the person using it. If your photography skills are poor, it does not matter whether you use a Lumia 1020 or an HTC One, the final images will still come out looking mediocre.

Thankfully, photography skills are no rocket science and can be easily learnt by anyone. Below, we list down some tips that should help you in taking better photos with your smartphone camera.


I don’t know about you, but I was hoping Google would finally give us a battery percentage indicator in Android 4.4 KitKat. Sure, there are plenty of third-party apps that’ll do this in Google Play, but none are as clean or as simple as the baked-in solutions provided by the likes of Samsung and HTC.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be — but there is a way you can add a battery percentage indicator without rooting under Android 4.4. Just follow the steps below.


At first glance, the Google keyboard may look like a simple keyboard with “gesture typing being its most highlighted feature. The keyboard lacks some of the most commonly found features in third-party keyboard apps like importing words to dictionary from social networking websites and text expansion etc.

However, the Google keyboard packs in a lot of hidden usability gems, which once discovered, will make using the keyboard an absolute pleasure. Below, I mention seven tips that will help you master the Google keyboard and use it like a pro.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all used those cute little emoticons built into your messaging app, but did you know Jelly Bean has a whole slew of Emoji just waiting to be unleashed? What’s an Emoji you ask? It’s basically the Japanese equivalent of emoticons. Now I’ll admit, most of these are lame, but still, if you’re a pictograph kind of person, you’re going to at least want to know how to activate them for use.

If you’ve recently updated your Google Search app for Android, you’ll notice a few great new features. One of those features is the ability to use the Song Match functionality straight from Google Search.

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