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OnHub wants to make managing your home network easy. Photo: Google

OnHub wants to make managing your home network easy. Photo: Google

Google is getting into the router business. The search giant today announced a new $200 device called OnHub, and it’s coming later this month to make setting up and managing our home Wi-Fi networks easier than ever before.


Our home broadband routers are somewhat primitive things; they’re connected to every wireless device in our home, and yet they do very little with them. Soap hopes to change that. It’s the world’s first “smart router” powered by Android, and it adds a whole host of clever functionality to what was once little more than a basic white box.

Soap lets you avoid hackers, hide your home Wi-Fi network, block online ads, and control all kinds of electronics around your home — including your garage door, your lights, and your locks.

This battery pack certainly packs a punch.

This battery pack certainly packs a punch.

The Wi-Stor Wizard could potentially be considered the mother of all battery packs as it acts as a Wi-Fi router, wireless storage platform, sharing medium and power bank.

[4 in 1] Wi-Stor Wizard Wi-Fi Storage Disk & Share System by EasyAcc
Category: Battery Pack
Works With: Android Smartphones/Tablets
Price: $59.99

The Wi-Stor isn’t particularly good-looking, nor is it lightweight, but it does have one very appealing feature — an 8,800mAh battery, capable of charging any tablet or smartphone from 0% to 100% in a matter of hours.



Home automation is here, but it isn’t cheap — unless you go the smart route with Securifi‘s new Almond+ router. For $100, this thing has much of what you’d expect from a top-tier router: Fast, next-gen 802.11ac compatibility (but still works with this-gen “n” devices), a claimed 5000 ft radius of coverage, four ethernet ports, a USB port and some slick mounting options.