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Motorola has updated its official Assist app on Google’s Play Store, which is currently only available to download on the following smartphones: the Moto X, the Droid Ultra, the Droid Mini and the Droid Maxx. The app brings users exclusive added functionality that they would not usually receive on their handsets, and now, thanks to this update, users will be able to reply to texts whilst driving.

Moto G

Developers love getting their hands on a kernel source code, primarily because it allows them to develop some great new custom ROMs with awesome features you don’t usually get as standard. Starting today, the official Android 4.3 kernel files for the Moto G can be downloaded directly from Motorola’s official SourceForge homepage.


According to a Motorola insider, U.S. Cellular is preparing to finally push the much-anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade to its carrier-branded version of the Moto X tomorrow, via the stock Android over-the-air update service. In addition to KitKat, this upgrade also brings several improvements to the preloaded camera application and enhancements for the Touchless Control service.


We hope you all picked up some great Cyber Monday bargains! However, consumers who planned on getting their hands on a shiny new off-contract 16GB Moto X for $349, a 32GB for $399. or the Moto X Developer Edition for $399 were sadly out of luck. Shortly after the products went on sale on the official Moto Maker website, Motorola’s servers crashed and many people were unable to order the handsets.


As from today, Motorola’s first budget-friendly Moto X variant, the Moto G, is available to pre-order on Amazon. The handset will ship on Friday, December 6, so you will definitely have it in time for Christmas. Pricing is exactly the same as it is from Motorola itself — $179 for the 8GB model and $199 for the 16GB.

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