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Madfinger Games announced a massive update to its flagship First Person Shooter (FPS) game on iOS and Android today. There are new maps, weapons, and game content, each of which was created directly from player feedback, including the new “friends” feature.

Rookie players now have a new Special Tutorial mode, while veterans will be glad to see new booster packs for speed, armor, damage, accuracy, and invisibility, along with several game optimizations, bug fixes, and new gamepad support.

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A common method for finding apps in the iTunes App Store is to do a quick search in Google. Searching the App Store for "Tweetbot" can take a lot longer than Googling "Tweetbot App Store" in a browser.

Links to iTunes have always been near the top of the first page when you search for an app, but iTunes results have recently started appearing lower in Google’s search results with no explanation.<!–more–>

For instance, searching "Twitter iTunes" or "Twitter App Store" reveals an actual link to the App Store several spots below less relevant links, like iTunes Twitter accounts. Both TechCrunch and The Next Web have collected examples of apps that have been allegedly demoted in Google search.

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"The search penalty, or search bug if that’s the case, doesn’t seem to affect all apps to the same degree," reports TechCrunch. "And the rankings also depend on what search terms are used, and whether the user is signed in."

Logging into your personal Google account will obviously change the way Google presents search results in your browser. But this potentially nefarious activity is being observed when logged out too.

Google changes its search algorithms all the time, and this may just be a bug that will go away in due time. I tried searching "Snapchat iTunes," and the App Store link was the top result. But there seems to be enough smoke here for there to be fire. Hopefully Google will issue an official statement to clarify the issue.

Update: Google says that this is merely a technical error with fetching pages from Apple’s servers, and the both companies are working to resolve the problem.

Now with more computer!

Now with more computer!

Bump, the free, easy file sharing app for Android and iOS, has just updated to version 3.5.6 on both the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The new version of the app will let users share any files on their smartphone or tablet with a computer. Previously, Bump users were only able to share files from mobile device to mobile device.

Yes, you did it your way.

Yes, you did it your way.

So, I hear there’s a big football game coming up next week. The Superbowl is something even us non-sports-watching geeks know about, so this new card game from DeNA, the Japanese social gaming company that purchased gaming giant, ngmoco, a while back looks to be a timely release.

Poor Negative Nimbus. He’s so sad, and so full of water, it’s a challenge to sail across the sky without drenching the happy hot dogs and caterpillars out for a picnic lunch, while still watering the happy flowers along the way. What’s a depressed cloud to do?

Apparently, the answer is to launch on Android, via the Google Play store and the Amazon Marketplace. That’s just what CloudKid’s fantastic game, Negative Nimbus, has done for the holiday season.

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