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U.S. carrier US Cellular has announced that it will be accepting Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders starting April 16th, ironically the same day as AT&T have scheduled their pre-orders. If you wish to pre-order your device through US Cellular, you can sign up on their website now and they will send you a reminder email nearer the pre-order date with the pre-order offer, alternatively you could visit their website on the 16th for a direct pre-order.


Samsung has already explained its love for plastic, and why it chose to stick with it for the flagship Galaxy S4. But after receiving a lot of criticism for that decision, the company’s head of design, Dennis Miloseski, was forced to defend the Galaxy S4’s plastic build once again at Engadget’s Expand conference in San Francisco this weekend.


Bad news if you’re a Verizon customer hoping to pick up the new HTC One: HTC has announced its latest flagship won’t be coming to Big Red. Recent rumors had suggested that Verizon would be one of the U.S. carriers supporting the device, but HTC has confirmed on Twitter that this won’t be the case.


Yesterday evening, shortly after Samsung’s Galaxy S4 event in Times Square, the company uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel that provides us with a four-minute overview of its new flagship smartphone.

The video displays the new, sleek design of the Galaxy S4, as well as a number of its key features, such as Air View, Smart Pause, WatchON, Sound & Shot, Dual Shot, and more. Check it out below.

Good looking, but cheap.

Good looking, but cheap.

After months of rumor and speculation surrounding the new Galaxy S4, Samsung finally unveiled its new “life companion” at a very peculiar event in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall last night. The device has already received some criticism for looking a lot like its predecessor, the Galaxy S III, and indeed a number of Samsung’s other smartphones.

Fans are disappointed that the Korean company has continued to use plastic for its new flagship — despite a company executive explaining the decision behind this earlier this month — and that it hasn’t switched to more premium materials like aluminum and glass, following companies like Apple, HTC, and LG.

If you’re one of those fans, then you’re going to be even more disappointed when you hear the latest Galaxy S4 rumor, which claims Samsung developed a number of prototypes for the device, then brought the cheapest one to market.

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