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As BlackBerry fights to get its new platform off the ground and save its smartphone business, Samsung — along with other smartphone makers — has been quick to take advantage of its struggle.

The South Korean company has reportedly expanded its enterprise business and struck a deal to make custom smartphones for the likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Officials say that it is actively targeting “top-tier marketing-driven firms” which it believes may benefit from its smartphone solutions.



I did something really dumb in Vegas last month — I forgot my sunglasses in a Starbucks. A couple of hours after trapsing through a mall, I realized what I’d done, and panicked; they weren’t cheap. I anxiously retraced my steps, ending up back at the cafe. Some fabulous Samaritan had turned them in.

If I’d left my phone behind instead — or something else large enough for a FinderCodes tag (sunglasses aren’t) — the good guy (or girl) could have easily FedExed it to me anonymously.