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At CES in Las Vegas, Madfinger Games just announced Dead Trigger 2, the sequel to its mobile first-person shooter Dead Trigger, to be available on iOS and Android in the second quarter of this year.

‘Tis the Season for icy corpses and carnivorous reindeer. Okay, maybe not the reindeer part, but there’s definitely a legion of undead terrorizing the North Pole and spreading Christmas fear. That’s right, our favorite zombie shooter title Dead Trigger has received a freakishly festive holiday update full of cold corpses, new weapons, and a jolly dead soul called Zanta.

Just the other day, Madfinger games teased an incoming Halloween update for their hit zombie thriller Dead Trigger. While iOS fans have to wait an approval, the update is now live for Android and features a few Halloween upgrades that are sure to roll a few heads.

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good game or two (when you have time for it) and are always on the lookout for any new or interesting titles to play. Whether you like FPS games, puzzlers, or platformers, it can be quite a daunting task trying to choose from the hundreds of thousands of games available in the Google Play Store. One way to stumble across great games is to see what others are playing. I may not get as much time to play games as I’d like, but I can certainly share with you what games I do play. We all have different tastes and not all games will suit all people, but here’s a list of a few games I’ve been playing lately.

[Update: Currently the WiiMote App cannot connect to devices running Android 4.2 but the developer is looking into a fix.]

My biggest gripe with trying to play console quality games on a mobile device has to do with on-screen controls. No matter how accustomed to them I become, they just don’t offer the same precision and/or experience as do physical controllers. I find playing FPS games with on-screen controls to be close to unbearable. Maybe I’m just old school, but give me a controller over onscreen controls any day.

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