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CloudMagic is no longer completely free. Photo: CloudMagic

CloudMagic is no longer completely free. Photo: CloudMagic

CloudMagic has long been my favorite third-party email client on Android and iOS, thanks mostly to its excellent cross-platform support that makes managing email on different devices incredibly simple. But thanks to its latest update, some of the terrific features we’ve been enjoying for free for over a year are now going to cost $4.99 a month.


Ahead of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week, Google has announced a number of changes and improvements it is making to Google Play Games. In addition to adding support for cross-platform multiplayer gaming with iOS, the search giant will also offer virtual gifting and support for multiplayer game invites.


Voxox has been around on iOS for years now, but this week it finally arrived on Android. And while it may at first look like just another Skype clone, it has some features that make it worth looking at as an alternative.

The app is free, and it comes with a ridiculously long list of features included. One of the coolest is being able to share your location with another Voxox user, regardless of whether either user is on the Android or iOS version of the app. The app will also let you record calls made form the app for free, and you can get a free phone number for making calls outside the Voxox system.


Had BlackBerry’s cross-platform BBM launch gone as originally planned, we’d all be BBM-ing each other on Android and iOS by now. Of course, that didn’t happen, and so we’re not. But the Canadian company is still working hard to deliver BBM to its rivals.

Earlier this week BlackBerry promised that it was “100% committed to bringing BBM to Android and iPhone,” and it just resumed beta testing on Android with a brand new release.


Do you remember the game World Wide Maze? World Wide Maze was a Chrome experiment that transformed any website of your choice into a playable marble maze, using your Android device as the controller. Well, now Google has developed another Chrome experiment, and this time it’s a cross platform game, called Roll It.

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