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Yahoo has ambitious plans to take on YouTube with a new video service of its own, according to sources familiar with its plans — and it is reportedly set to make its debut this summer. The company is already in talks with video producers, and it plans to offer them a significantly greater cut of ad revenues in an effort to convince them to switch.

googleplaychangesWe’ve heard whispers for a while now that Google was set to unveil a new look for Google Play, and the day is finally here.

Google just announced a fresh new look for Google Play that gives content more screen space in an effort to attract more users to download apps, movies, books, and more. The new UI is clean and simple, plus it’s supposed to help you find new content faster.


Amazon has today announced that its in-app purchasing service, which is already available on the company’s Kindle Fire tablet and other Android devices, is coming to Mac, PC, and web games. This will allow developers to take advantage of Amazon’s service on those platforms to provide their customers with a new way to purchase additional content using their credit card or virtual Amazon currency.

While Amazon isn’t the first company to offer an in-app purchasing system, its service does come with some advantages that developers may not get from its rivals. One of those advantages is that their content will be available via

Netflix’s streaming service isn’t exactly known for having quality content. Their catalog of movies is reminiscent of the bargain DVD bin at your local Walmart. Netflix has been struggling to land any quality licensing agreements and has actually been losing a few. With Redbox Instant on the horizon, Netflix desperately needs to give its members a reason to stick around.

Google continues to expand the array of content available on the Google Play Store and today inked a deal with Paramount pictures to bring hundreds of new movies to Google Play. Those living in the US and Canada can expect to see these new movies available in the Google Play Store within the next few weeks. Google Play continues to chug along and with the addition of Paramount, they now have five of the six major studios on board, as well as 10+ independent movie studios.

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