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Woo-hoo! Photo: LG

Woo-hoo! Photo: LG

Wireless charging is awesome, but in its current form, users must trade faster power for convenience when they use it. Future charging pads won’t have that problem, thanks to LG.

Using the company’s new wireless charging module, users can top up a typical smartphone from zero to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

This is safe, but charging it wet isn't. Photo: Photo

This is safe, but charging it wet isn’t. Photo: Photo

Getting your new Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge wet is perfectly acceptable, but be sure it’s completely dry before topping up its battery.

Samsung is warning users that charging with a cable while the port is still wet can cause damage to their shiny new smartphone.


Many of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones support wireless charging, but only if you are prepared to buy an optional wireless charging back panel. But the South Korean company has vowed to accelerate the technology’s growth in 2015 with greater support in its new Galaxy smartphones.

In a new blog post, Samsung hints at the possibility of support for multiple wireless charging technologies inside the upcoming Galaxy S6.


Got a Galaxy S5 that just cannot keep up? Forget sitting by a charger all day or having to swap out its battery — got the MOTA dual-purpose charging case and increase your Galaxy S5’s battery life by 125% in an instant. Thanks to Cult of Android Deals, it’s just $35 for a limited time.


Researchers in the U.K. have developed a cellphone that is charged by ambient sound, eliminating the need for a charger. Filled with energy-harvesting “nanogenerators,” the device uses a principal called the piezoelectric effect to turn the sound vibrations in the atmosphere around it into energy.

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