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Share your gameplay with the world through YouTube Gaming. Photo: Samsung

Share your gameplay with the world through YouTube Gaming. Photo: Samsung

YouTube will soon enable direct live-streaming from within your favorite Android games, allowing friends to watch while you take down pigs in Angry Birds, construct new bases in Minecraft, and wreak havoc in Goat Simulator.


YouTube now plays in portrait. Screenshots: Android Police

If you want to enjoy a YouTube video in fullscreen on Android, you have to watch it in landscape mode, which makes watching videos recorded in portrait an even more horrifying experience. But thanks to the app’s latest update, portrait videos are ever so slightly more bearable.


Live Screen Streaming streams apps as well as games. Screenshot: Sony

Owners of select Xperia devices can now live-stream their apps and games directly to YouTube and Twitch using Sony’s new Live Screen Streaming app, which is available to download for free right now from the Google Play Store.

Don't try this at home. Photo: adrianisen

Don’t try this at home. Photo: adrianisen

Ever wondered what would happen to your shiny Galaxy S6 if you just happened to tip Pepsi all over it? Well, now you don’t have to, because you can watch it happen in the video below.

But why? Photo: appfour

But why? Photo: appfour

Ever wanted to watch YouTube videos on your 1.5-inch Android Wear watch? Of course you haven’t, which is why Google hasn’t made a YouTube app for Android Wear. But someone else has, and you’ll be surprised at how well it works.

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