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When Android launched Ice Cream Sandwich back in October 2011 it was very unattractive, muddled and disorganized, but Google has never stopped dabbling with Android’s design and now it has evolved into a significantly cleaner, more subtle operating system. However, it looks like the search engine giant isn’t done just yet.


Android as an OS is as complex as Microsoft’s Windows or even Apple’s Mac OS X. While Android usually works without a hitch, every once in a while you will need to reboot it, clean up all the junk files and remove unnecessary files to make sure it is running at its optimum level, just like you do on Windows or Mac.

Similarly, just like the desktop operating systems of today, Android also has a hidden Safe Mode, which you can access when things go dreadfully wrong.


1Password 4, the incredibly popular password manager from AgileBits, is finally coming to Android next month. Designed for both phones and tablets, the full-featured app will resemble its iOS counterpart, and it will be completely free to use… until August 1, 2014.


If I could only install ten apps on my Android device, Pushbullet would almost certainly be one of them. Not only does it mirror my notifications on my Mac and PC while I’m at my desk, but it also makes it super easy to share files and photos between the two.

And thanks to its latest update, Pushbullet now mirrors notifications across all of your Android devices — so you can get your SMS, WhatsApp, and Snapchat alerts on your tablet as well as your phone.


While certain PC games are a match made in heaven for a mouse and keyboard, there are genres that are much better suited to a gamepad. But who wants to carry a clunky gamepad around in their laptop bag when they’re on the go? Not me.

Instead, you can use a simple app to make a gamepad out of something we have in our pockets all day, every day — our smartphones. Mobile Gamepad is a great way to do that. It’s completely free, it’s easy to set up, and it has a bunch of unique features.

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