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When Microsoft announced its Surface Pro 3 back in May, everyone expected a new Surface Mini tablet to accompany it. Although we didn’t get one, it seems the device was (still is?) definitely a part of Microsoft’s plans. The Surface Mini is mentioned numerous times in an official Surface Pro 3 user manual that was published online.


Huawei has confirmed it has no plans to launch dual-OS smartphones running both Android and Windows Phone.

The company’s statement contradicts previous comments from CMO Shao Yang, who promised dual-OS smartphones would be available during the second quarter of this year, providing consumers with a “new choice” and making it “easier for people to choose Windows Phone.”


Microsoft has today launched Xbox Music on Android and iOS almost a year after the music streaming service made its debut alongside Windows 8. The apps allow subscribers to stream tens of millions of songs straight to their mobile devices, and create playlists that sync across your smartphone, tablet, PC, and Xbox 360.

Microsoft has also updated its Xbox Music web app to offer free, ad-supported streaming for all.


One of the highlights of Samsung’s London Premiere event that took place last night was the unveiling of the South Korean company’s first dual-OS tablet, the ATIV Q. As the name suggests, the product is part of Samsung’s ATIV line, which primarily has nothing to do with Android. However, on this occasion the goal was to “marry” both Android and Windows together to create the mother of all computing experiences.


Samsung has a press event scheduled for June 20, but it has announced so many new smartphones recently that we’re wondering what’s left to unveil. According to one source, one of the products on its list will be a second-generation Galaxy Camera, which is said to be everything its predecessor “should’ve been.”

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