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According to a technical consultant Bas Bosschert, WhatsApp for Android has some serious loopholes in place, mostly pertaining to security. He says that malicious apps can easily get hold of a user’s WhatsApp data thanks to the way messages are stored on an Android device.

WhatsApp Update

A couple of weeks ago, we spoke of an update to the WhatsApp for Android application which would allow users to hide profile pictures, statuses or even the last seen info from fellow users. This update has just gone live in some regions and comes with a few other changes as well. The latest of the features is the ability to ‘sponsor’ a friend or a family member by paying for their subscription.


Has your smartphone’s battery life been draining unusually fast since you updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat? It’s likely its camera is at fault. A nasty bug introduced in Google’s latest Android update can cause the camera app to continue running in the background after you’ve closed it, maxing out your handset’s CPU and eating up power.

Google - WhatsApp

The Senior Vice President of Google, Sundar Pichai has denied that the company ever bid on WhatsApp. While he acknowledged the potential in the company, he rubbished claims of the company being interested in purchasing the popular cross platform IM client.

Whatsapp Voice Calling

The WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum took the stage in Barcelona today to announce the arrival of voice calling to the Android and iOS variants of the application.

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