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Facebook may have just splashed out an incredible sum of money on WhatsApp, but that doesn’t mean the social behemoth will begin neglecting its own messaging app. Facebook Messenger for Android today received a nice new update that makes it quicker and easier to share photos and videos with your friends.


When you buy a Samsung smartphone, you quickly discover that most of its internal storage is taken up by the TouchWiz operating system. That’s because it’s jam-packed with pre-installed apps and features that Samsung believes we all want — but how many of those apps actually get used?

Not many of them. According to data from Strategy Analytics, the average Galaxy smartphone user spends little time with Samsung’s own offerings, with the company’s most popular app getting just 3.9 minutes of use per month.

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Last month, WhatsApp received a relatively minor update in the Google Play Store. The changelog didn’t reveal anything interesting about the upgrade, it just appeared to consist of a multitude of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations. Now we’ve had a little time to play around with the updated app, we’ve discovered something new and rather interesting —  you can finally conceal your ‘last seen’ status.


According to a technical consultant Bas Bosschert, WhatsApp for Android has some serious loopholes in place, mostly pertaining to security. He says that malicious apps can easily get hold of a user’s WhatsApp data thanks to the way messages are stored on an Android device.

WhatsApp Update

A couple of weeks ago, we spoke of an update to the WhatsApp for Android application which would allow users to hide profile pictures, statuses or even the last seen info from fellow users. This update has just gone live in some regions and comes with a few other changes as well. The latest of the features is the ability to ‘sponsor’ a friend or a family member by paying for their subscription.

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