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Today’s free wallpaper, Honeycomb, is a simple line drawing that represents bees’ amazing output, complete with the Android logo we all know and love stamped right in the middle. Pretty sweet, huh?

Key Lime Pie

Today’s free wallpaper, Key Lime Pie, is a bright and appetizing mockup of what’s rumored to be the next major version of Google’s mobile software (Android 5.0, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet).

Android On Board

Today’s free wallpaper, Android on Board, isn’t too fancy — it’s just a simple riff on those ludicrous “baby on board” car signs from the ’80s.


We all dig wallpapers. They’re often one of the first changes we make to our devices and generally symbolize our moods, interests or wicked alter egos. Some people pick one and stick with it for life, whereas other people change it more frequently than a teenager changes their status on Facebook. Each day we’re going to feature a free wallpaper for you to download and use on your Android device and today’s choice is ‘Droid Evolution’.

KitKat 10

Android 4.4 is one of Google’s most intriguing updates yet, predominantly because it brings a revamped version of Androids traditional UI, in addition to shipping with some of the most unique stock wallpapers we have ever seen. However, unless we purchase the Nexus 5, it’ll be quite a while until we can get our hands on the new OS – which would mean we didn’t get to enjoy the beauty of the freshly designed backgrounds for some time.

But thanks to a very generous Android enthusiast, we have obtained a system dump consisting of all 10 wallpapers which ship with KitKat. So, fortunately, we do not have to wait for the operating system to be ported to our devices before we can download and install the backgrounds.

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