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After his short break, Andy is back at work eliminating the competition byte by byte in today’s free wallpaper. 


Today’s free wallpaper shows Andy returning back to Earth with a belly full of eggs and a bag full of goodies. We hope you had a great Easter.


Today’s free wallpaper, Android In Space, shows Andy the Droid scouring the universe for more Easter eggs.


Today’s free wallpaper, Android Surfin’, shows that Andy the Droid has a different take on surfing this Easter weekend by leaving the web behind and hitting the waves. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 20.44.46

Today’s free wallpaper, Honeycomb, is a simple line drawing that represents bees’ amazing output, complete with the Android logo we all know and love stamped right in the middle. Pretty sweet, huh?

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