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Photo: Samsung

Photo: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is now officially supported by CyanogenMod 11. The tablet’s first nightly build is available for download now, bringing a taste of pure Android that’s completely free of Samsung’s own TouchWiz user interface.

Meet the Galaxy Note 4. Photo: Samsung

Meet the Galaxy Note 4. Photo: Samsung

Samsung today announced the commercial availability of the Galaxy Note 4 in Korea from September 26th at its ‘Galaxy Note 4 World Tour: Seoul’ event. The phablet was originally supposed to be available in Korea from October but the strong sales of the new iPhones led Samsung to push forward its release date. 


Samsung has gone ahead and silently unveiled the Galaxy Mega 2 in Thailand. Apparently, the handset was already on sale in Thailand for the last one month or so, but it was only today that Samsung updated its website to reflect its latest Galaxy offering. 


Samsung may have all but confirmed its Galaxy Note 4 is coming on September 3, but the South Korean company hasn’t revealed its specifics just yet. That hasn’t stopped smartphone clone specialist Goophone from announcing its knockoff version, however.

The Goophone N4 looks like it could slot right into Samsung’s official Galaxy Note lineup, but its internal specifications are likely to fall well short of the real thing.


Samsung’s Electric Blue Galaxy S5 will finally be available to purchase in the United States this month — but it will be a Best Buy exclusive. Prices will start at $149.99 on a two-year contract with Verizon, and aside from its paint job, the new handset will be identical to its siblings in looks and specifications.

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