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Huawei Honor 3

Two days ago, Huawei officially unveiled its latest affordable mid-range Android smartphone, the Honor 3, which is one of the company’s most unique devices on the market. It features IP57 dust and waterproofing, with a touchscreen that is capable of recognizing wet fingertips. This handset is now available to purchase in China for ¥1,888 ($309).


A pesky multitouch bug affecting the new Nexus 7 is no more, thanks to a new software update that is being rolled out by Google this week. There were concerns that the problem may have been related to hardware — given that it didn’t affect all Nexus 7 tablets — but the “JSS15J” release that’s being issued over-the-air promises to eliminate it.

It also addresses an issue with GPS sensitivity, too.


Flip phones like the incredibly successful Motorola RAZR were once some of the hottest handsets you could own, but that all changed when the iPhone kicked off the touchscreen smartphone craze back into 2007. A new report claims Samsung is looking to combine the two for an Android-powered flip phone called the Galaxy Folder.


When you think of smartphone manufacturers, HTC is one of the first names that comes to mind. Founded on May 15, 1997, it’s clear that HTC have made a huge footprint in the sand when it comes to the evolution of the smartphone – and now they’ve opted to show us how far they’ve come.


Google has developed its first touchscreen Chromebooks that will attempt to compete with the latest crop of notebooks powered by Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, sources for The Wall Street Journal have said. It’s unclear when the notebook will be available, or which company it’ll be made by — but it seems Google has plenty of work to do before they start hitting store shelves.

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