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Samsung v Apple

Samsung’s head of mobile business, J.K. Shin, earns more than Tim Cook, according to a new report.

In 2014, Shin received $5.8 million compensation– made up of a base salary of 1.17 billion won, and 1.6 billion won in incentives and performance bonus. By comparison, Tim Cook took home $4.25 million — only slightly more than the $4.17 he earned in 2012.


Samsung has apologized to Chinese customers following a report from China’s state TV that alleged the South Korean company had sold devices with malfunctioning memory chips. The problem, which affects seven Samsung smartphones in total, causes the devices to crash randomly when they’re being used.


At an Android event in San Francisco this morning, Google’s Sundar Pichai announced that the company has now seen more than 70 million Android activations — with around 50 million of those happening in 2013 alone. Google also announced that more than 50 billion apps have now been downloaded from Google Play.


Google is again rumored to be closing in on a $1.3 billion acquisition of social mapping service Waze, just a month after it was reported that the Israeli startup was in “advanced talks” with Facebook. Google already has an office in Israel, and it’s thought that Waze’s social focus could be a good step forward for Google Maps.


During a Q&A session at D11 last night, Tim Cook was asked whether Apple would ever port any of its apps to rival platforms like Android or Windows Phone. His response was somewhat surprising; Cook said that Apple wasn’t against porting apps and services to other platforms — if it made sense.

The only problem is, Cook doesn’t believe that it does make sense.

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