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Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android devices don’t have an iTunes or Zune alternative that helps them manage all their data in one place. But that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to sync your music, photos, and videos with your Android smartphone.

In the previous edition of our iPhone to Android switching guide, we explained how to transfer your contacts, messages, and calendar entries. In this one, we show you how to sync your iTunes music library, along with your photo and videos, the right way.


SwiftKey has broadened its horizons by introducing a new selection of cloud-based features, which comes a part of its beta version 4.2. Dubbed SwiftKey Cloud, users will be able to back up their personalized dictionary entries and predictions to the cloud and sync them across multiple devices.


You know about Magnetyze, right? It’s a system that lets you charge an iPhone 4/S or Galaxy S3 without the need for a cord. Pop your iPhone into the provided case, then drop the case on the magnetic charging base and your iPhone will charge (and sync) — it works kind of like the MagSafe power adapter on a MacBook. It’s really cool on the S3, because the Magnetyze case replaces the S3′s original back, so there’s almost zero extra bulk. Neat.

Today Google updated its Chrome browser and introduced the ability to sync tabs across multiple devices. The update, along with the tab sync feature will be rolling out over the next couple weeks so you may or may not see it right away. I was able to update Chrome on both my laptop and desktop, however, only my laptop received the tab sync feature. I was hoping to give you a hands on across all of my devices but since my desktop lacks the tab sync, I’ll be showing you how it works across my laptop and Samsung Galaxy Nexus using Chrome Beta for Android.

Norton Identity Safe safely stores and syncs your passwords so that you have them with you wherever you go.

Remembering each and every password to each and every service you’ve ever signed up to is an incredibly difficult task. To make it easier, we create simple passwords that we’re less likely to forget, like the name of our favorite pet, our partner, or our car. The problem with that is, it’s not very secure.

Norton’s new Identity Safe is a free service that allows you to choose stronger passwords and keep your data safe while saving them all securely to your PC or smartphone to ensure that they’re never forgotten. You can then sync your passwords between your Mac, PC, Android and iOS devices so that you have them with you wherever you go.