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Tearing down the OnePlus One. Photo: vantt1

Tearing down the OnePlus One. Photo: vantt1

OnePlus promised to fix the One’s frustrating touchscreen issues for good with its latest CM11S software update, and yet lots of users are still taking to its forum to complain about the problem. According to one user, that’s because the issue has nothing to do with buggy software, but rather the way in which the handset has been put together.

Amazon won't give up on Fire Phone just yet.

Amazon won’t give up on Fire Phone just yet.

The Fire Phone hasn’t been anywhere near as successful as Amazon hoped it would be. Sales have been so bad, in fact, that the device has ended up costing the retail giant around $170 million. But Amazon knows where it has gone wrong, and it has every intention of making more smartphones.


LG has announced plans to bring its latest user experience from the flagship G3 to entry-level and midrange LG devices, allowing users to gain access to its latest software without having to spend more on high-end specifications. The new interface will begin appearing on a range of phones and tablets during the second half of this year.


Just a few hours before Google I/O is scheduled to start, Google has gone ahead and announced a major software and hardware update for the Google Glass. On the hardware side, the company has bumped the RAM to 2GB to help alleviate all the performance issues Glass users frequently complained about.


We may have another three weeks to wait before the Samsung Galaxy S5 goes on sale, but that hasn’t stopped its firmware from being leaked online. The first official Galaxy S5 ROM — based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat — is available to download now.

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