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Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s good reason for that; having timely information on your wrist and being able to perform simple tasks without pulling out your smartphone can be incredibly useful. If you haven’t already invested in one, why not try to win one of the best available in the Choose Your Own Android Smartwatch giveaway.


Pebble is now as smart as other smartwatches out there. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Pebble today announced the v2.3 update of its Android app with many new features, including support for actionable Android Wear notifications. This will allow Pebble users to reply to or dismiss a message right from the watch itself. 

OnePlus has something up its sleeve for tomorrow. Photo: OnePlus

OnePlus has something up its sleeve for tomorrow. Photo: OnePlus

Just hours after leaked images of a purported OnePlus One Mini began popping up all over the web, OnePlus has posted an image on its Google+ page teasing an announcement for tomorrow, December 17. But before you get too excited, we’re almost certain this won’t be a new smartphone for several reasons.


Blend a top-notch activity tracker and smartwatch together and you get Striiv’s newest and greatest creation yet, the Fusion. Its sleek minimalist design delivers essential personal stats and notifications, while tracking activity and sleep progress, making it an ideal companion all day, and all night.

The Fusion is usually priced at $100, but for a limited time only thanks to Cult of Android Deals, you can get it for just $54.99.


See this phone? It’s great. Photo: Samsung Tomorrow

Want to read an impartial, in-depth review of Samsung’s latest Gear S smartwatch? Why not read one from your old trusty friends at Samsung itself.

In an hilarious titled “unofficial” review, Samsung’s official blog takes a few minutes out of its busy Samsung-promoting day to, well, promote Samsung.

Describing what sounds like the world’s best ever gadget, Samsung’s Corporate Communications team try their damndest to turn out a 1,000-word review which doesn’t make the Gear S sound like Samsung just threw everything smartwatch-related at the wall and hoped something would stick.

Read on to find out what they concluded. (Spoiler: they really, really liked it.)

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