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The brand new Droid Maxx colorways.

In comparison to high-end smartphones currently on the market, the Droid Maxx seems slightly outdated. It doesn’t have the latest hardware, nor software, but it appears that Motorola isn’t ready to let the handset die out just yet. Earlier today, the manufacturer teamed up with Verizon to release two new color options of the Maxx.


Speculation surrounding an Amazon Kindle smartphone has been rife for the past few years, but it looks like the device is finally coming to fruition. These images show off a prototype of the upcoming handset, which is claimed to be one of at least two that are currently in development.


OnePlus launched its ‘Photo-Mania’ contest just two weeks ago and distributed a ‘camera test unit’ to each of the three lucky competition winners. In terms of design, these units were not the final version of the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone, but were instead customized in a way that only the camera could be used and the rest of the body was completely covered.

Earlier today, one of the winners, who possibly studies at the Renmin University of China, uploaded five photographs that were supposedly taken on a customized OnePlus One camera unit to a Chinese social networking website. The short paragraph of text that accompanied these images stated that Kang Yikun has been in possession of the unit for the past three days and that ‘these snaps are just some of the best photographs that she has taken throughout her time with it’.

Polaroid PolaSma

Renowned camera maker, Polaroid has just announced the midrange PolaSma handset. This is a youth centric device as you can guess from the choice of colors shown in the press image above. The smartphone features a pretty capable hardware specs sheet as well, so it’s not all about looks here.

AT&T Padfone X

The AT&T Padfone X has been quite a mystery even though it was officially announced back in early January. However, the carrier has now made an effort to demystify certain aspects of this smartphone + tablet hybrid by posting specifications of the device.

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