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It’s been a long time coming, and despite not having an official announcement, we are finally starting to see signs suggesting that LG’s flagship tablet of 2014, the G Pad 8.3, is on its way to popular U.S. carrier, Verizon. A leaked press render has been posted on Twitter revealing a new version of the slate carrying the operators traditional over-the-top branding.

Galaxy Garda

Samsung’s upcoming mid-range Android-powered smartphone, codenamed the “Garda” (SGH-T399), made its debut appearance in a leaked press render yesterday. We don’t know an awful lot about this device, but we do know that it will be available to purchase on T-Mobile U.S. later this month.


It won’t be announced until Tuesday, February 19, but the HTC One already has its own Chinese knockoff. Called the GooPhone One, the device you see above has clearly been built upon the leaked renders we’ve been seeing for HTC’s upcoming flagship over the past couple of weeks. It runs Android, but don’t expect to see the Sense user interface here.


We now have less than a week to wait for HTC to unveil its next flagship smartphone, and to ensure you’re suitably excited, the Taiwanese company has started a countdown on its website that will finish on February 19. But it’s not just a simple timer; in the background quick glimpses of the upcoming HTC One are shown every few seconds.


HTC is set to announce a new flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress next month, and recent rumors have revealed it’s set to be called the HTC M7. We already know a lot about its internal specifications, thank to previous leaks, but we had no idea what the handset would look like — until today.

Now we’re led to believe the device is going to look almost identical to the iPhone 5.