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We’re anticipating some major changes and improvements to Android at Google I/O tomorrow. Google finally looks set to announce its long-awaited Android 5.0 upgrade, which is likely to include some substantial design changes, and lots of new features. The screenshots above could give us our first glimpse at the new update that’s currently known as Android “L.”


If you’ve got a Reddit addiction, you need a regular fix of the front page whenever the urge strikes — even if you’re offline. Reddit Offline for Android helps you get that.

This free app downloads Reddit content in the background when you do have a Wi-Fi or data connection so that it’s ready and waiting for you when you don’t. And you don’t just get text posts, but also images — including GIFs and Imgur galleries — and even comments.


A Moto X is an excellent purchase at just $349.99 off-contract — especially when you get the option to customize the device to your heart’s content. If you’re clumsy, it’s even greater value for money, because Motorola provides all Moto X owners with a free one-time replacement when they smash their display.


Pushbullet has acknowledged a major security concern with its popular Android app and promised to make improvements in future updates.

The company is working hard to implement the OAuth authorization framework to provide users with limited and revocable API keys that will make their data more secure — but it insists that your data is safe in the meantime just as long as you don’t share your existing key.


Just as I thought I was close to curing my Reddit addiction — I’ve been “clean” for almost three days — confirmation that official Reddit apps are incoming for Android and iOS means I’m almost certainly destined for a relapse.

Job listings have revealed that Reddit is on the hunt for app developers with skills in Java (for Android) and Objective C (for iOS) who can make it “easier for people to find great content” on Reddit using mobile devices. The ads appeared this week in the company’s “for hire” subreddit.

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