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Vodafone has confirmed that it will roll out its new 4G LTE network in the United Kingdom this summer, ready for a launch “later this year.” The move follows the carrier’s £790 million ($1.2 billion) acquisition of a chunk of 4G spectrum back in February.


Is your bill over $100 a month? If so, you’re in the majority of iPhone and Android users.

Want to know why a carrier like Sprint is willing to promise Apple almost $16 billion to get the iPhone on their network, or why carriers put up with paying astronomical subsidies just to get a single iPhone customer on their network?

As usual, it all comes down to the crisp, president-branded cabbage. According to a new study, almost 60% of iPhone users spend more than $100 a month on their wireless plan, compared to only 53% of Android users.

According to a source who spoke with Android Central, Rogers is preparing to announce an all new plan structure come tomorrow. A quick glance at the flyer depicting the new plans shows the familiar “unlimited talk” sell. Now that customers have become more data hungry and less dependent on voice, carriers have switched to offering “unlimited” voice and less data (yea, I know) — pawning the “unlimited” voice off as a value (when everyone knows it’s not).

Following in the footsteps of Verizon, AT&T is just a month away from implementing Shared Data/Mobile plans. Unveiled by AT&T today, the new Mobile Share Plans are extremely similar to Verizon’s, with a few notable differences.

For better or worse, Verizon’s new Share Everything plans are now here. If you sign up for Verizon and wish to have multiple devices on one account, you’ll have to choose from the new Share Everything plans. Current customers do not have to worry about this unless they either want to, or decide to upgrade to a new device at a subsidized cost.

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