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The Fitbit Flex is just one of the wearables you can try with Lumoid. Photo: Fitbit

The Fitbit Flex is just one of the wearables you can try with Lumoid. Photo: Fitbit

With so many wearables to choose from these days, how do you decide which one is right for you? Are you better off investing in a cross-platform device like the Pebble, or do you want the color display and other benefits that Android Wear brings?

The best way to decide is by trying these devices out before you buy them. Not for five minutes in a store, but for as long as you like as you go about your day. Lumoid’s rent-to-own program lets you do just that; you can sample five wearables for a full 7 days before deciding which one you want to buy, and if you don’t like any of them, you can just send them all back.


Nike+ Running. Image: Samsung.

Samsung has now announced its teamed up with Nike in order to launch a brand new, exclusive ‘Nike+ Running and Fitness’ application for the Gear S — the South Korean company’s first ever standalone, Tizen-powered smartwatch with 3G and Bluetooth compatibility.


Samsung today held a small event in Germany where it showcased its new S Band activity tracker. The €80 ($111) wearable will compete with devices like the Fitbit Flex and the Nike FuelBand, monitoring sleep, calorie consumption, and every step you take throughout your day.

Galaxy Gear and BMW i3_4

While the Galaxy S5 will be the star of the show during Samsung’s Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona on Monday, we could see a slew of different devices across several product categories — one of which could be a brand new health tracker called the “Galaxy Gear Fit,” according to a new report.


Samsung almost managed to keep the Galaxy Gear a secret, but just two days ahead of its official unveiling, pictures of a prototype have been leaked for the first time. This is the device that’s been given to developers a select Samsung partners, according to the sources that obtained the pictures — but is this the design you can expect the Galaxy Gear to ship with?

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