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Google has announced that Android will soon run continual security checks on your devices to keep them free from malware and other malicious code. The popular platform already has a “Verify Apps” feature that scans APK files and ensures they are safe before they’re installed, but with continual checks, Android becomes even safer. 


If you didn’t get your hands on Flappy Bird before it was pulled from Google Play earlier this week, then you should be careful looking for an alternative. Many of the countless clones that have popped up over the past few days are taking advantage of the game’s success to get malware onto unsuspecting devices.


A seemingly harmless flashlight application built for Android has tricked tens of millions of users into handing over personal data, the Federal Trade Commission has revealed. Developed by GoldenShores Technologies, the Brightest Flashlight app took device ID and location data without informing users, then passed it on to advertisers.


Researchers have uncovered a major security flaw in the Android operating system that allows hackers to modify trusted apps without changing their verification signature. Attackers could take advantage of the vulnerability to install keyloggers, backdoors, and other malicious functions into apps, which would continue to look completely legitimate to their users.


Juniper networks today announced its third annual report on the malware threats to mobile consumers. The report shows a swift growth in mobile malware, indicating a potentially profitable business for malware creators and mobile attackers.

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