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Cake Tower looks cute, but it's evil.

Cake Tower looks cute, but it’s evil.

Google has pulled 13 apps from the Play Store for secretly downloading malware onto users’ devices. At least one title had more than 1 million downloads before it was removed, and all had glowing reviews and great ratings. But they weren’t genuine.

Beware dodgy porn apps for Android. Photo: Cult of Android

Beware dodgy porn apps for Android. Photo: Cult of Android

An Android app that promises free porn has been secretly snapping photos of its users as they enjoy its content. “Adult Player” then locks up the victim’s device and uses their photo in a ransom note demanding $500.

Not all Mario is good. Screenshot: Nintendo

Not all Mario is good. Screenshot: Nintendo

One of the biggest reasons to choose Android over other platforms is the ability to play classic console games with the help of an emulator. But you should be careful when searching for your next one, because there’s new Android malware out there that disguises itself as retro Nintendo games.


Swing Copters, the latest game from Flappy Bird creator .GEARS Studios, could be one of the most difficult games you’ll ever play on a smartphone — but the frustration begins long before you actually start playing the game. Thanks to hundreds of clones that now litter Google Play, finding the original release is where the challenge really begins.


More than half a million Android smartphones across the U.S. and Europe have been infected by malware distributed by SMS, new research has found. Once the malicious software is installed, it is used to access all of the data stored on your phone that hackers might be interested in — including your text messages, call logs, contacts list, and even your photos.

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