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Moto X vs iPhone 5s

Jumping from one mobile platform to another can lead to a lot of headaches initially — especially with respect to all your personal data. You won’t want to lose your contacts, calendar entries, and other important information, so it’s important that you transfer them properly.

If you’re thinking about dropping your iPhone for an Android — maybe because you realized you could pick up a flagship Android for less than the 8GB iPhone 5c — then our switching guides can help.

In this one, we’ll show you how to transfer your messages, contacts, and calendars from your old handset to your new one. On Friday, we’ll follow it up with a simple how-to on syncing your Android with your iTunes library, and how to transfer your photos and videos.


Earlier today, Google announced that it was slashing the monthly price for its additional Google Drive storage space. Customers will continue to receive the standard 15GB completely free of charge, but if you find yourself requiring more space, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you now have to pay that little bit less in order to get it.


If you’ve been thinking about ditching your iPhone for an Android-powered smartphone, but you’ve been put off by the time and effort it takes to transfer all of your data, you no longer have an excuse not to make the move. Motorola just updated its Migrate transfer tool to support iPhone users who want to make the switch.

Using Migrate, users can transfer all of their contacts and calendar entries from their old iPhone to a new Motorola handset in just a few simple steps. It all happens without wires, and it’s completely free.


Cal, the gorgeous calendar app from, is now available on Android, almost five months after making its debut on iOS. But it was well worth the lengthy wait, because it’s by far the best-looking app you’ll download today, and it’s completely free.


Given Google’s apparent disregard for secrecy when it comes to the new Nexus 5, you won’t be surprised to see that the device is already being unboxed all over the globe ahead of its official unveiling.

We already know what it’s going to look like and almost every piece of hardware that’s packed into it, of course, and now we get to take a sneak peek at some of the new features built into Android 4.4 KitKat, too — including an “iCloud for Android” backup service.

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