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Enjoy Hulu for free while you can! Image: Hulu

Enjoy Hulu for free while you can! Image: Hulu

Hulu is hoping to make this holiday season a special one for Android users by giving them the ability to stream shows for free, without a Hulu Plus subscription. The current seasons of shows like South Park, Gotham, The Tonight Show and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are all free to watch for a limited time — but only if you live in the U.S.

Amazon wants to be more involved in movie streaming. Photo: Amazon

Amazon wants an even bigger presence in your living room. Photo: Amazon

Amazon will roll out a new, standalone video streaming service next year that won’t be bundled with a $99 Prime subscription, according to sources familiar with its plans. The retail giant hopes to take on rivals like Netflix and Hulu and undercut their prices in an effort to attract customers.


Google senior vice president Sundar Pichai has confirmed plans to bring Chromecast to “many more countries” over the coming weeks. The popular $35 dongle has officially been available only in the U.S. since it was launched last July, but Google has always said that the device would eventually be available internationally.


The Hulu Plus apps for Android and iOS have today been updated with support for Google Chromecast. You’ll find a new ‘Cast’ button within the app that will stream your favorite shows to your television with the help of the $35 dongle.


You wouldn’t normally associate HP devices with the Android or iOS platforms, but the company’s latest gadget plays nicely with them both. It’s called the Pocket Playlist, and it allows you to stream all of your media wirelessly to all your smartphones and tablets. It boasts 32GB of internal storage, and it can stream to up to five devices simultaneously.

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