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The apps you buy for Nexus Player will have been approved by Google. Photo: Google

The apps you buy for Nexus Player will have been approved by Google. Photo: Google

Developers may be free to release (almost) whatever they like for Android, but with Android TV, things are going to be a little different. Google will screen and approve Android TV apps before publishing them in the Play Store to ensure a good experience for its users, according to its guidelines for developers.

Android TV

The Google TV home media console has long reached an end of life status with only a few devices currently offering the service in the market today. However, the Mountain View company was expected to reboot the segment by launching a rebranded device called the Android TV. Over the weekend, some screenshots of this set top box have leaked out showing a fresh and detailed user interface.


Google has revived its official YouTube app for Google TV more than a month after it was pulled from the Play Store. The search giant today rolled out a new update that adds customizable closed captions, better SafeSearch, and improved stability.


Plex Inc. has slashed 50% off all of its mobile apps for Android and iOS for a limited time, including Plex for Google TV. “This sale will last about as long as most relationships,” the company says, so you’ll need to get in quick to take advantage of the offer.


The Google TV has pretty much been dead-on-arrival ever since it first launched in 2010. Google’s not about to abandon their TV ambitions, but they’re finally giving up on Google TV. Next up? Android TV.

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