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Google is currently in the process of quietly rolling out a server-side update for its official Search application via the Play Store. Once updated, users have the ability to retrieve orientational information whilst holidaying or taking a trip, based on the location of their hotel. They can say, for example, ‘show me restaurants near my hotel’ and ‘how do I get back to my hotel,’ without actually having to mention the name of the hotel or its address — providing their confirmation email is in their Gmail inbox.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Apple’s Siri virtual assistant is getting better all the time, but Google Now still takes the biscuit, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

Munster ran both virtual assistants through a battery of tests, and shared the results in a new research note, published Tuesday. He concluded that Android’s voice search correctly answers questions asked 84 percent of the time, while Apple’s Siri follows up behind with a still impressive 82 percent correct rate.


Google Now users can now use Google Search to create new reminders from their desktop. It’s as simple as visiting in your browser, and typing things like “remind me to call mom when I get home” into the search box.


Last week, Google rolled out an update for the Google Search app that brought with it the “OK Google” hotword detection feature to any screen. However, since the feature is enabled from the server side, it has not yet shown up for majority of the users yet.

While a method to enable this feature is available for rooted users, non-root users have been out of luck until now. Thanks to a simple tip discovered by a Reddit user though, even non-root users can instantly get the “OK Google” hotword detection on their Android device.


Just a few hours before Google I/O is scheduled to start, Google has gone ahead and announced a major software and hardware update for the Google Glass. On the hardware side, the company has bumped the RAM to 2GB to help alleviate all the performance issues Glass users frequently complained about.

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