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Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Most Android Wear watches need charging every night, so many users have taken to plugging them in beside their bed and using them as a bedside clock. If you’ve done the same and you’d like to prevent your device from going to sleep while it’s charging, here’s what you need to do.

Google Now is in for a makeover. Image: Google

Google Now is in for a makeover. Image: Google

Google Now, by far the best digital assistant on mobile, looks set to get much more colorful with Android L. A screenshot revealing its Material Design makeover was today inadvertently posted on Twitter by a Google employee. It was quickly deleted soon after, but not before the Internet had claimed it.

Image: Google

Image: Google

Google today announced the first crop of Android One smartphones at an event in India. With prices starting at just $105, the devices are designed to give those in emerging markets a stock Android experience and all the benefits that brings on a “high quality” device with a super affordable price tag.


Google Now. Image: Google.

Google Now is one of the most powerful tools currently available for any Android user. It allows us to set reminders, send text messages, compose emails, place calls, read news articles, view the weather and much much more, all without having to use our hands.

Something that you may not be aware of, though, is that the application permits users to cancel auto-renewing memberships with the aid of two simple words and one tap on the screen.


Those still clinging onto their 4-year-old Motorola Droid X will have already accepted that their handset will never get an official KitKat update, but thanks to some third-party Android developers, it now has an unofficial KitKat-based CyanogenMod 11 port.

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