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Google Play Anniversary

The Google Play Store recently kicked off its 2nd year anniversary promotions in Australia. Today, the American Play Store has received the same set of deals.


The Humble Bundle team has released its latest mobile bundle for Android users allowing them to purchase six quality games for any price they want to pay. Out of the six games, two of them can only be unlocked if you decide to purchase the bundle for above its average price.

Every month, thousands of games are published on the Play Store from big and small developers alike. However, not all of them are worth your time, effort and money. Some are filled with IAPs that completely destroy the gameplay and are meant for minting money from the users while others are just poorly made.

To help you save the effort from distinguishing the good games from the bad ones, we list down the top 3 games released on the Play Store in February. 

Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is offering 8 paid games for free today as part of the Amazon Game Pack. This offer is valid only today, so make sure you hit the app hub to download all games mentioned in the list right away. Amazon is also offering its usual free app of the day promotion, which means the users can download a total of 9 paid games for free today.

Android App Revenue

According to a new report from IDC and App Annie, Android managed to quadruple revenue generated from games in Q4 2013, while iOS doubled its numbers from the same period in 2012. Google Play games reportedly made as much as handheld consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita etc.

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