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Screenshots: Tales of Pocoro/Google Play

Screenshots: Tales of Pocoro/Google Play

While it may be possible to install and play regular Android games on your Android Wear watch, we recommend you don’t because it almost always results in a horrible user experience. Instead, why not play games specifically designed for the Android Wear platform, such as Tales of Pocoro, a new puzzle game that boasts more than 200 levels.

Image: Play Store.

Image: Play Store.

Today’s selection for our weekly Wednesday’s Must Have Game column is Swamp Attack. It originally launched for Android back in January, 2014, and has since racked up a bunch of hefty updates crammed full of great features — helping to make it one of the best and most advanced action games currently available on the market.


If the sight of real blood and guts isn’t your thing, but you’ve long wondered what it’s like to mess around with someone’s organs, then you’re damn crazy! get ready to make your next Google Play purchase. Surgeon Simulator for Android is here, and it lets you carry out all kinds of insane procedures on incredibly unlucky patients without actually hurting anyone.


Badland is without a doubt one of the most-unique games to have ever made its way onto the Play Store. This popular title is an atmospheric side scrolling action adventure platform, set in a gorgeous forest filled with a plethora of different inhabitants, trees and flowers.


Gameloft’s latest installment for its Modern Combat series — Blackout — landed on the Play Store earlier today bringing some intense FPS action for all mobile gamers out there.

This time around, the game has a single player as well as a dynamic multiplayer campaign mode.

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