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The apps you buy for Nexus Player will have been approved by Google. Photo: Google

The apps you buy for Nexus Player will have been approved by Google. Photo: Google

Developers may be free to release (almost) whatever they like for Android, but with Android TV, things are going to be a little different. Google will screen and approve Android TV apps before publishing them in the Play Store to ensure a good experience for its users, according to its guidelines for developers.


Google has today uploaded the preview factory images for the next version of Android (currently known only as Android L) for developers to test on the latest Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. The system image are only available to download through Google’s Developer Dashboard and in order to flash and install them onto your device you’ll need to be pretty savvy with a command line.


Samsung recently upset a lot of international Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) owners when it told them they weren’t getting an Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade because their handset “does not allow them to effectively support the platform upgrade.” The South Korean claimed that only 1GB of RAM wasn’t enough to run KitKat’s latest features smoothly. But that may not be true.

When Samsung confirmed it was giving up on KitKat for a large number of Galaxy S3s, the development community decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. Using a Galaxy Note II KitKat ROM, one develoepr has been able to create an almost perfect Galaxy S3 port.

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Today, Google published the latest distribution figures of the Android operating system. The numbers reveal a consistent growth in the amount of Android users running Jelly Bean, whilst older versions of the OS continue on their path towards extinction. As expected, these latest results show a significant increase in the amount of users running the most recent software version, 4.4 KitKat.


The Google Play Store has gotten a nice new update this week that makes it easier for tablet owners to find apps and games that are properly optimized for their device. A new “designed for tablets” section is now displayed by default when browsing the store, while apps that aren’t optimized for larger displays carry a “designed for phones” label.

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