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Earlier today, Google announced that it was slashing the monthly price for its additional Google Drive storage space. Customers will continue to receive the standard 15GB completely free of charge, but if you find yourself requiring more space, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you now have to pay that little bit less in order to get it.


If you’ve turned to storing your digitals in the cloud, then you may consider picking up your next smartphone from Amazon, which is currently giving customers 50GB of free Cloud Drive storage with selected Android-powered devices.


The SwiftKey 4.2 update has landed on Google Play today, bringing SwiftKey Cloud out of beta. The new feature will backup and sync your personal language profile across all of your devices, automatically pull trending phrases from Twitter and other news sources, and it brings enhanced personalization.


Reports across the net have hit Twitter that Google’s Services are suffering an outage. According to initial reports, web access to Google Drive and Google Docs is down for many users, and Google’s apps Status Dashboard says everything’s totally fine has been updated to show Google Drive is suffering a service disruption.

Despite the web browser outage, Google Drive and Google Docs are still accessible via mobile apps or a direct link, so it appears that outage is only affecting access while data may not have been lost.


Update: It looks like Google has resolved the problem.


You have to be a fool not to backup your computer. Your hard drive is full of precious photos, home movies, files, and documents that you may never get back if your hard drive fails or your computer is lost or stolen. But don’t just backup to another hard drive that has the same chance of dying as the one inside your PC — backup to the cloud instead.

With 100GB of storage in the cloud for just $29 from SOS Online Backup, you can store everything that’s important to you online, ensuring that it’s still there for you if anything happens to your computer or your external hard drives. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s always there — no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

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