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Opera might not be as popular among Android users as Chrome but the browser definitely gets many things right compared to the latter. Today, the Opera team has released a major v20 update to their browser with some major under the hood improvements and changes. 


HTC has begun rolling out its Android 4.4 KitKat update to One handsets across Europe. The 308MB release adds a number of new features, including support for the Cloud Print service and Bluetooth profiles, and improves security. It also kills HTC’s own web browser and support for Adobe Flash in favor of Chrome.


Google Chrome for Android finally supports fullscreen browsing in a new update that’s now available to download through Google Play. The release also brings search improvements, tab history on tablets, and stability improvements.


Still trying to find a mobile browser you can really rely on? Maybe Opera’s new browser for Android will do the trick. Announced back in February, this is the first Opera browser powered by the WebKit rendering engine. It’s been in beta testing since March, but it officially launches today with additional features.


Opera’s new web browser based on the WebKit rendering engine is now available in beta form for users with Android devices. The beta gives us a taste of Opera’s first WebKit browser, which comes after the company announced earlier this month that it will be dropping its own Presto rendering engine this year.

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