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Windows Phone is over three years old now, but its app catalog still looks pretty slim when compared to rival offerings from Apple and Google. In an effort to plug the gap, Microsoft could allow Windows and Windows Phone users to run Android apps — just like BlackBerry 10 does.


BlackBerry’s chance at clawing back smartphone share and mounting any kind of a threat against Android and iOS looks slimmer every time the company announces its sales figures. It seems increasingly likely the Canadian company will eventually have to sell off its smartphone business or turn to Android in an effort to survive.

But despite what you may think, the BlackBerry 10 operating system isn’t a complete write-off. In fact, there are lots things it does incredibly well. Having used it myself for quite a bit over the past 12 months, I’ve compiled a list of five features that I think Google should steal for Android.


Struggling to make any significant progress with its BlackBerry 10 app catalog, BlackBerry has turned to Android developers to plug the gaping holes. The Canadian company has reportedly been courting Android app makers as it looks to provide its users with direct access to Android apps through BlackBerry World.


BlackBerry has updated the BBM for Android app inside the BlackBerry Beta Zone to add Channels and BBM Voice calling. Those lucky enough to have access to the beta releases can download the version update right away.


It’s not too difficult to look back over the last 12 months and pick out a whole host of consumer tech products that were a great success — they’re the ones we all remember, after all. But what about those that didn’t do so well.

We’ve put together a list of the biggest tech flops from 2013 — 7 devices and services that were supposed to be big, but just couldn’t cut it. We’ll start with the overwhelming failure of the HTC First, the first Facebook-powered smartphone.

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