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AT&T Padfone X

The AT&T Padfone X has been quite a mystery even though it was officially announced back in early January. However, the carrier has now made an effort to demystify certain aspects of this smartphone + tablet hybrid by posting specifications of the device.

ASUS AT&T Padfone X

The ASUS Padfone X was originally launched back in January during the CES, with AT&T announcing the availability shortly after. However, the tablet is yet to see a launch despite teasers being posted by the carrier. This tablet-smartphone hybrid has now made its way to the FCC for certification, indicating that it’s one step closer from official retail availability.


Huawei has confirmed it has no plans to launch dual-OS smartphones running both Android and Windows Phone.

The company’s statement contradicts previous comments from CMO Shao Yang, who promised dual-OS smartphones would be available during the second quarter of this year, providing consumers with a “new choice” and making it “easier for people to choose Windows Phone.”


Asus has been forced to abandon the dual-booting Transformer Book Duet TD300 due to strong opposition from both Google and Microsoft, according to sources for The Wall Street Journal.

Announced at CES back in January, the notebook would have allowed users to run Android and Windows on the same machine, then quickly switch between them. But its fate has looked uncertain since Asus postponed its launch this month.

Nexus 7

Staples UK is now selling the 2013 Nexus 7 with a more than decent £50 discount bringing the price down to £150. The pricing is effective immediately, so you can walk into your nearest Staples outlet in the region to get the tablet at this discounted price.

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